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Welcome to the DungeonWitches website - the worlds largest archieve of medieval fetish scenes
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Here you can enter your suggestions or enter your comments. Let us know, which kind of dungeon scenes you would like to see. Use the form below to send us your thoughts. And at the bottom of this side you can read the others suggestions. (of course this is just fantasy, played by professional models)

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the latest suggestions or comments we received (many more in the members area):
2016-Oct-30 - author: anonymous- favourite witch: Mina
Great video of Mina (the Devils cock), would love to see more of this instrument, impale any other models on it so its deep in their cunt and they are helpless to resist.

2016-Sept-29 - author: Necromancer - favourite witch: Sarana
Hung by her wrist for a good flogging for a start

2014-Nov-21 - author: travislee - favourite witch: all
more arms overhead and rack scenes, with hard whipping !!! your sets are great !! keep up the great work

2014-Jan-5 - author: anonymous - favourite witch: all
The new clip of Amalia is very good and well presented. However ALL the girls should be treated this way. But the site is improving please keep this up. Sex and bondage is the answer not just bondage.

2014-Jan-3 - author: anonymous - favourite witch: Cecilia
rip off her rags in front of several brothers, then tight her tits severely, put clamps on tits and nipples, hang weights on it and then leave her at the pillory for anybodys fun

2013-Dec-18 - author: anonymous - favourite witch: -
Tell us who is chained naked on the first page after logging in--the brunette with the big tits. Do I recognize her from a really extreme photo set some time ago? Please give us more of her, she has a great body.

comment INQ: I guess it is Cecilia you mean and the 'Club Cecilia' photo sets from custom tort.sessions.
contact: [email protected]

2013-Dec-10 - author: Dr.Jeff - favourite witch: all
A naked witch tormented and questioned on the stretching rack by a group of only female tormentors.

2013-Nov-24 - author: to.friend - favourite witch: Loredana
Loredana should be whipped while being stretched on the rack to make her confess. If this is still not enough, use pincers at her tits and labia.

2013-Nov-15 - author: SD
I think it\'s about time these witches were sent to their justified punishment and taken to the stake. This site features lots of fire interrogation to get these witches to confess. It\'s only right and just they be taken out to the woods, wearing only a sinners dress and bare feet and tied to a stake to be punished.

2013-Sept-19 - favourite witch: Cecilia
put a sling thightly around each of her breasts and let the guards play tug of war with them while they are cheered by her screams.